Debt Collecting

Certificate Course

Let us help you qualify as a proficient Debt Recovery professional and get a head start on your career.



The course includes the theory and rules of Debt Collecting as well as the drafting of all relevant documentation. The core modules covered are:

  • Introduction to Debt Collecting
  • Jurisdiction
  • The Parties
  • Letters of Demand
  • Summons & Causes of Action
  • Default Judgments
  • Execution of the Judgment
  • Emolument Attachments
  • Section 65 Proceedings
  • Costs and Accounting to the Client
  • Defended Actions
  • Debt Collecting Act and Collectors Council


  • Students looking for a career in Debt Recovery or Credit Management.
  • Employees in Debt Collecting companies or self-employed Debt Collectors.
  • Anyone working in a bank, credit/finance house or in a debtors/credit control enterprise.

Study options

Part-time: Five months

Procedure towards competency

Classes are lecture based with an examination at the end of the course.


For successful completion of the course:

  • A pass mark of 50% or more is required.
  • All fees must be paid up. 


Grade 12 (matric) OR 23 years of age with 2–3 years work experience.


For more information and assistance with fees & application forms please contact the Student Enrolment Officer at the campus you wish to study at. The course is offered at the following campuses: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria.