Administration of Deceased Estates

Certificate in Administration of Deceased Estates

Let us help you launch your professional career as an Executor, Administrator, Trust Officer, Paralegal or Estate staff member in this highly regulated and lucrative field.


Course Outline

The comprehensive course offers specialist training in all areas of Administration in Deceased Estates including:

  • An overview and interpretation of Wills & Codicils, Massing, Joint Wills, Repudiation & Adiation

  • Reporting the Estate

  • Appointment of Executor/Representative

  • Functions & Duties of Executor/Representative

  • Advertising for Debtors & Creditors

  • Collecting assets of the Deceased’s business/Interim Maintenance of Spouse & Minors; Guardian’s Fund

  • Opening Estate Bank Account

  • Calculating Accrual (if applicable)

  • Drafting the Estate Account (Liquidation & Distribution Account)

  • Claims in terms of Maintenance of Surviving Spouse Act

  • Estate Duty Return

  • Advertising the Account

  • Dealing with Objections

  • Pay Estate Debts

  • Distributing Assets, Transfer of Immoveable Property Vouchers

  • Reconciliation Account

  • Master’s Filing Slip

course duration

The course runs for 8 weeks on Saturday mornings (09:00 – 11:00).

Procedure towards competency

Classes are lecture based with an examination at the end of the course.


For successful completion of the course:

  • A pass mark of 50% or more is required.

  • All fees must be paid up.

Course Material: Recommended reading

Deceased Estates by Kernick (latest edition). Available at JUTA Bookstore, Van Schaik Bookstore or Adams & Adams Bookstore.


For more information and assistance with fees & application forms please contact the Student Enrolment Officer at the campus you wish to study at. The course is offered at the following campuses: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria.